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Energy Healing

By Raef Khalsa


I began exploring meditation and

yoga at a young age from Sikh, Kundalini Yoga teachers, after which

I learned Qi Gong and Shaolin Martial Arts. In my last 15 years of training,

I discovered how to move different forms of energy, develop

relationships with light-beings,

and build my chi so I could

uncover my hidden gifts.


When I found the path of initiation,

I learned how to use our divine blueprints to heal, which echoed in my own universal healing essence.

Main Healings


  • Heal With Light

  • Purify Your Essence


  • Anchor More Light

  • Highten Your Vibration

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About VerseCreators

As a vessel to help amplify your soul
and connection to your spirit,
I serve all who seek spiritual and
energetic healing solutions.

-Raef Khalsa

Second-step Initiate in
The Lineage of King Salomon

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