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Abstract Glow

Life Activation Practitioner

Life Activation Practitioner


Raef Khalsa

Second-Step Initiate - Lineage of King Solomon


Life Activation Practitioner

Ensofic Reiki Healer / Crystal Healer

Spiritual Coach / Kabbalist




A Bit About Me

The path of the light is something I've connected to since I was a kid.


I began exploring meditation and yoga from my mother and other Sikh teachers, after which followed my 11 year path to learning Qi Gong and Shaolin Martial Arts. Through this training, I discovered how to move different forms of energy, developed a relationship with angels and other beings of light, and built my chi up in all areas of my life until I intuitively began to study what was a glimpse of spiritual alchemy.


When I found the Modern Mystery School and the sacred path of initiation, I began learning the patterns and designs of humanity's original divine blueprint, which echoed in the wisdom of my own unique being, allowing me to experience my spirit within my body.

These healings gave me back my unadulterated self, mind, and etheric body–a true rebirth, as well as sensitized me to the multiverse of magick, our divine birthright. When I received the handing down for Life Activation through the Lineage of King Solomon, I aligned further with my true-self by stepping forward into my purpose, and I am in service to the light that is within each of us.

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