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We all have a story to live. The Personal Progression Plan has keys to living in fulfillment. Within you are all the answers to your joy, magical living, higher consciousness, and profound healing. Radiate abundance from within.

We all love our fur babies dearly. As pet rescuers, we've provided energy healing and Life Activation to our little

(or not so little) ones. These healings benefit their health and well-being just like our own, and deepen psychic love

between babies and parents.

In the evolving "new paradigm," conscious business leaders seek ways to unify their teams and achieve positive energy. We seek to empower your endeavors and your team with ancient, and even galactic methods for achieving states of abundance

We flow a meditation system developed with a complementary blend of ancient Indian and Tibetan methods, mind acrobatics, and NLP.

The Max Meditation System™ is an effective means of reducing stress, pain, enhancing vitality, and much more.

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