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Who Are Life Activation Practitioners?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Life Activation Practitioners could be likened to the medicine people of space-time and the soul, ushering forth the inevitability of each client's destiny into now. Life Activation can reduce stress accumulated through the stubborn nature of this physical existence, enhance natural abilities and awaken dormant ones.

The Message is You

Are you waiting for it? It is you that is all things, and that which you are waiting to find! From the initiatory energies and trainings handed down through The Modern Mystery School, these healers facilitate a permanent connection of light into your physical existence, giving you a unique vantage point on your own true potential.

You Can't Pour Into a Cup That’s Full

You can try but you might not collect much. Here's how to prepare for your session:

  • Build up rest by going to bed early starting several nights before

  • Eat healthy food/detox - whatever level you feel is appropriate

  • Clear your spiritual senses - meditate once a day for 3 days

  • Please avoid using any substances (alcohol, marijuana) prior to your session

The Life Activation will work regardless, but creating room for the energy to flow in may enhance your benefits. How this healing affects you will come through in a way only you can fully understand because it is the awakening of your own divine blueprint.

Some of the benefits of Life Activation are:

  • Empowers you to bring in and hold more light

  • Facilitates your positive potential to bring forth new talents and abilities

  • Increases your soul's vibration to bring you more energy and clarity

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Gives energy that helps release our negative unconscious patterns and thinking

  • Increases your intuitive connection to your potential pathways through life

  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns

  • Enhances connection to your unique abilities and positive power

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